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About Psychotherapy at Apollo

  • Psychotherapy at Apollo is a group practice of nine highly qualified and experienced clinicians with a range of expertise in psychotherapy, clinical psychology and psychiatry. We work in a holistic health centre where a range of complementary health services is also available.

    We provide both short term and long term psychotherapy as well as counselling and assessment services for adults, adolescents and children. Depending on the needs of the client we work with individuals, couples or families.

    Our clinicians also have considerable experience in providing supervision and psychotherapy for other mental health workers, General Practitioners, physiotherapists and other general health practitioners who wish to enhance their understandings of their patient relationships and/or themselves.

    We adapt our approach to fit each client, but we have particular experience in working with people who are experiencing the following sorts of issues:

    • Unsatisfying or destructive relationships
    • Stressful and conflictual family lives
    • Struggles with parenting including support for those with young children
    • Children and adolescents experiencing difficulties at home or at school
    • Feelings of anxiety and depression
    • Grief and loss
    • Traumatic events
    • Physical, sexual and emotional abuse
    • Confusion and self-doubt as well as identity issues
    • Pervasive feelings of meaninglessness or emptiness
    • Compulsive behaviour including addictions and eating problems
    • Immigration and adjustment problems

    We also provide support for those who are keen to get to know themselves, to develop greater self-awareness and to live more satisfying and complete lives.

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